1. 1000drawings:

    by rocketrictic

    Said that one guy

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  5. danielasherer:

    Happy int’l women’s day 2014.

    Here’s a short life-affirming passage from the journals of Sylvia Plath, written in July 1951. Not an especially important moment, but it stuck in my head, and I think today’s the right day for it:

    "I licked my arm for the salt taste. Up the face of a rock cliff we climbed, finding footholds as we went along. The rock was yellow-orange, hot and jagged.

    "God, look at the blue," I said.

    "Wait till you get to the top," Marty said.

    She was right. Atop the great rock formation you stood, and the whole ocean curled up bluely at your feet. Slowly, with a great patient, unanimous motion, the huge bulk of tide water heaved up and back, up and back along the coast. Sails flicked in and out of the light far out in the bay. The horizon blurred into the sky.”

    Remember and seek the greater pools of salt around you, but never forget it’s okay to lick the salt of your arm, the salt of your tears, and the salt in your wounds.

    (via illustratedladies)

  6. Some bonkers fiery typography I made at work. Apparently I was really feeling those yellow lines.

  7. A better picture than the one below. Practicing drawing hands on the subway. Maybe a foot’s in there, too.

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